girl hanging onto her manIt's one thing to make him fall in love with you, and another to keep him all to yourself. Many relationships start well but end quickly because one partner gets bored or falls out of love. So if you're a woman, you probably want to learn how to keep your man for good. You see, so many single ladies find it difficult to maintain a lasting relationship. This is because they don't understand what men want. So, if you want to keep your man forever, you have to try the following great tips.

Take Care of Your Looks

Most men are attracted to women who take good care of themselves, and others around them. For men, a woman who does not look after herself is as terrible as one who can't cook. For some reason, women tend to let go of themselves once they settle into a relationship. Make sure you look after yourself if you do not want him to look at other women. Okay, it is great if he loves you the way you are, without makeup and all. However, the fastest way to drive him into the arms of another woman is to stop taking care of your appearance. Of course, when the two of you first met, you tried as hard as you could to look nice for him. Never ever take for granted that he is yours forever because you don't know what might happen tomorrow.

Cook Good Food for Him

We all have heard the saying that goes: "The way to a man's heart is through the stomach." That said it is safe to assume that all men want women who can cook. Not many men are content with living off fast food take-away. Make sure you feed him until he can't walk. The male species has a tight bond with food and sex. It is even rumored that food increases male performance in bed. In fact, one of the many reasons why men cheat is the inability of their women to cook. So if you're one of the women who simply won't or can't cook for their men, make sure you brush up your cooking in order to keep him.

Give Him Good Sex

You knew from the beginning that it was always going to come to this point. Whatever your situation, giving him good sex is one of the surest ways to keep your guy happy. If you're lousy in bed, do some research and find ways to please your man in bed. One thing you should always remember is that men love sex, especially good sex. Poor sex may make your man lose interest in you and possibly find somebody else who can do it better. Don't just lie there and let him do everything, take the initiative sometimes. Find out his desires and try to fulfill them.

Have Your Own Life

It is important to have and own your own life. One of the biggest turn-offs for men is a woman who doesn't have her own social life. You don't have to spend every second of everyday with your man in order to keep him. Instead, get out there and explore the world without him. Since your man has a life, you should get yours too. Your friends also have a life.

If he is always with friends, find your own friends and spend some time with them, even if it's only for an hour. It's been proven over and over again that women have a tendency to suffocate their men by "being there" all the time. So get out there and find something productive to do. How do you expect him to miss you when you are always with him, uh?

Keep Your Jealousy In Check

There will always be another woman who has a better body shape than you, or bigger breasts than you. This woman will also be prettier than you, no doubt. Well, instead of feeling resentful or jealous about her, why don't you ignore her good looks and remember that your man is with you because that's what he wants. In most cases, a woman's jealousy tends to ruin a relationship. If you are worried that you are not good enough for him or he wants someone else, you could possibly manifest this problem and make him lose interest in you.


This is quite tricky, as some guys have mixed views on women and their ambitions. First, some men are happy to have a woman who is proud to be a housewife. Of course this isn't a problem, unless you don't like this situation. In contrast, some men can't date women who seem to have no ambition in life. Never fall into the trap of losing the will to succeed, all because you are in a relationship. Unfortunately, this is a very unattractive trait that many women carry.

Never Try To Change Him

Time and time again, many women have tried to change their men and failed miserably. If your man was great at the start of your relationship, why do you want to change him 6 months down the line? Remember that no one is perfect, and in your attempts to change him, you're just changing yourself.

Take Care Of His Intellectual And Emotional Needs

Remember to address your man's intellectual and emotional needs. Make sure you have his favorite colors, books, movies, reads, etc. at your fingertips. Occasionally surprise him with gifts of his favorites. Figure out the recipes of his favorite meal, snacks and drinks and prepare them for him before comes home. Read his mind and get into his spirit. Know his likes, dislikes and moods. Once you've managed to do that, he won't be able to get away from you.

Praise and Encourage Him

Encourage your man in all his efforts, and assure him of your complete faith in him. Sometimes he will make blunders. Instead of rolling your eyes and making faces, why not wish him good luck next time? Praise him for his efforts. If he feels like venting out his frustrations and anger at you, allow him. Subtle hints that he's the dominant one will make him feel secure. Let him feel that you're always behind him.

Even if you have a major row with him, don't use harsh words on him. Otherwise, you are going to damage your relationship forever.

With time, men evolve in relationships. Be patient and understanding towards him, as well as co-operative in every way you can. This way, you will make your man want you more than ever. Well who knows, you just might end up keeping him for good.

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