happy couple on swingMost women fantasize being with a guy of their dreams. It's one of the best things that could happen to any woman. However, in every relationship, a woman can make her man stick with her if she makes him feel loved and needed. Sometimes the relationship might become too boring. So, it is always best to think of something new to make your union more exciting and challenging. It is important that you know how to make your man happy in a relationship.

You should remember that happiness is a 2-way street. If your only goal in life is to make him happy, but he doesn't make any effort to make you happy as well, then you are courting disaster. You both need to work on the relationship to make it stronger. If you are the only one putting an effort to ensure you both enjoy the relationship and he never reciprocates, your relationship is probably going nowhere.

Reciprocation does not mean you wait for him to do good things for you. Sometimes you will have to tell him. The same case applies to you as well.

Relationships are not only about making each other happy. While making your man happy is obviously crucial, there are other important things that you must pay attention to in order to a have a happy, fulfilling relationship with your man. These include physical attraction, a common connection, shared experiences, enjoying each others company, etc.

Okay, now the following are some of the specific things you can do in order to make your man happy again.

Let him take charge

Naturally, men love to dominate. It's that simple. Men want to take charge and be the decision makers, although it is actually women who play that role all the time. It is just that men don't know it, whether consciously or unconsciously. If you don't handle it properly your man can become passively or openly aggressive. Men are physically stronger and tend to use force as their last resort. However, as a woman, you should naturally know how to play games that women play. Don't play power games with a man as it may backfire on you.

So, in order to make him happy you have to make him believe that he's in charge. This is quite simple because men love solving problems and helping women. Start appreciating his eagerness to help solve your problems as well as his enthusiasm to take responsibility for your issues. That is how men express their love.

Men love and take great pride in being able to support and provide for their women, while women really hate it.

Give him his physical and mental space

sunset lovePhysically, your man needs his own space where he can do his own things undisturbed. This may be at his office, garage, workshop, or corner of the house where he is fully in charge. He should be free to do anything he wants in this space: write, read, watch football, arrange his collections, or even do nothing.

Mental space is equally very important for men. Although it may sound surprising, men sometimes think of nothing.  It is important that they do it occasionally. So don’t force him into a conversation if he doesn't want one at the moment. Just wait and he will get back to you once he is ready.

You should learn to understand what men say at face value. Men mean what they say. Do not look for hidden meanings regarding what he says. For instance, if your man says that he can't talk to you right now and that he's busy, he is being honest. It doesn't mean that he has stopped loving you. Rather, it simply means that he can't talk to you right now as he's busy.

You see, men are quite simple creatures. Unlike women, they are too simple whichever way you look at it. Also, men are very poor at expressing their emotions compared to women. Just like women, men also have thoughts and feelings but know how to control them. Just understand this and don't try to question it or you will make him too sensitive. For one, you won't succeed in turning him into a perfect, sensitive man. However, even if you do, he will just change to please you and you won't like what he has become.

Show him respect

Just as women care so much about security, especially emotional security, men love being respected. While respect between adults should be earned and not given freely, there are a few areas where your guy will reciprocate your love and respect if you respect his hobbies and interests, as well as give him social support.

Put simply, don't downplay his interest in cars, motorcycles, sports, or even ballet. He loves his hobbies and may even be keen to explain to you why, in detail and at length, if you are patient enough to listen. The moment you don't respect his hobbies, he will resent you, hide it, withdraw from you, etc., which obviously won't make him happy at all.

If you show him respect and support him in public, in front of friends and family, he'll interpret it as a sign of pure love from you. As the saying goes, "Praise in public, but criticize in private".

In order to maintain the attraction between the two of you, make sure the gap between masculinity and femininity is at its widest. If man adopts too many female characteristics and a woman vice-versa, it will be a case of reversed roles and the attraction will fade away and be replaced by indifference or conflict. Nobody really looks forward to this scenario.

Other ways to make your man happy

Make him a nice meal. If you want your man to be happy with you, cook something special for him. Then feed him, literally.

Dress up. Always try to look good for him by wearing nice, sexy outfits. This will maintain his interest in you.

Surprise him occasionally. Surprising him doesn't mean that you hand him material things. You can even do something you wouldn't normally do, for him.

Spice up your relationship. Well, this simply means that you spice up things in the bedroom. For example, you can wear sexy underwear to bed, tease him wildly, take a shower with him, light candles in bed, or try new sex positions.

Set up a date. Yes, arrange one and let it be a surprise.

Knowing how to make your man happy can help you keep him. This will also encourage him to protect and work on your relationship. Follow the tips above to make and keep him happy forever.



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